How can I book?

Visit our Booking page by clicking on this link.

We accept card payment and you will receive an email confirmation..

Alternatively, contact us via the Whatsapp button or email jo@staycaysuk.co.uk and we will make a reservation for you.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please see our Cancellation Policy by clicking here.

Where can we park at your apartments?

We offer either free overnight on-street parking (permit required) or parking on-site.

What are your check in/check out times?

4pm & 10am respectively.

Do you allow dogs?

Sorry, no pets allowed.

What will be provided?

Our apartments are well equipped for self catering, with an electric cooker, microwave & fridge/freezer. We also provide hand soap, washing up liquid, scourer & cloth, tin foil, surface cleaner, iron, microwave & hairdryer.

Luxury cotton bedding & towels

Coffee, tea & Sugar



How far are you from the train station?

We are approximately a 10 minute walk from the train station.

How far is the nearest bar/restaurants?

As all our apartments are centrally located there are a wide variety of shops, cafes, galleries, bars and a wide variety of restaurants a short walk away.

Do you charge a damage deposit?

No we do not charge a damage deposit but by booking with us you agree to adhere to our T&C’s which state that an amount (max of £500) can be taken from your card to cover any damages reported by our housekeeping team on check out.

COVID related FAQ’s

Are we are open to guests?

This is a huge and very welcomed step but not without its complexities. As a self contained holiday let, social distancing is much easier than in some hospitality establishments. However, as an accommodation provider, we must provide a safe environment for all guests and teams working at our property.

A trip away brings a welcome change of scenery but this comes with some additional responsibilities for everyone.

In order for us to be able to open safely and stay open, there are number of systems we will be implementing that will require input from guests. Harrogate is a popular location, with many things to see and do, but with air travel and quarantine restrictions in place we are now experiencing a very high demand for our properties and we have to be sure we can manage these effectively.

Please see below some of the measures we will be implementing that we hope will give you, as our guest the confidence to know we are taking every measure possible to keep guests and our teams safe.

Will the property be cleaned more thoroughly?

Yes. We pride ourselves on making sure our properties are always clean and we have a great team in place to do that. However, we realise additional measures will have to be brought in.

During each change over a check list of cleaning and sanitising will take place by our housekeeping team, this will include a comprehensive list of cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces.

High frequency touch areas such as work surfaces, light switches, remote controls, door handles, keys have all been disinfected prior to your arrival. We use the air-dry policy so please excuse any smears or water marks.


Some non essential items which are difficult to clean/sanitise such as decorative throws and cushions have been removed from the property, this is for your own safety.

Are you using products that will kill all bacteria and Corona Virus before my arrival?

No disinfectant on the market can claim to kill 100% of bacteria or Corona Virus. No disinfectant can stake a claim to eliminate Corona Virus as there simply are not enough tests available to support this at the current time. However, the disinfectants our team use meet the requirements of BS EN 1276 certification. Products with this certification kill 99.999% of germs.

What else will the housekeeping team be doing to ensure that the properties are cleaned and we, as guests are protected as much as possible?

Our housekeeping team are being asked to follow the following protocol to protect both themselves and guests.

  • Housekeepers will wear protective clothing when in the property which will include gloves. Separate gloves will be used to handle dirty laundry and clean laundry. All PPE will be disposed of in a plastic bag once used.
  • Rockfish will be ventilated as soon as cleaners arrive opening windows for ventilation during the clean.
  • Dirty laundry will be removed from the property prior to cleaning taking place and fresh laundry taking into the property, keeping these separate.
  • Surfaces will first be cleaned and then disinfected and the housekeeping team have a check list for each room to complete on every change over.
  • Linen and towels will be washed at no less than 60 degrees.

Is there anything I need to do as the guest to assist?

Yes please! We appreciate the large appeal of going on holiday is not to having to do some of the tasks we are used to doing at home. However, in order to allow us to open and offer any holidays at all, we request that you do the following things during your stay and prior to your departure.

  • Firstly we would suggest that you complete your major shop at home and bring supplies with you to avoid the inevitable congestion in shops generally. You can also arrange online deliveries 4 weeks in advance of your arrival after the check-in time.
  • We kindly suggest you bring your own anti-bacterial hand sanitizer gel or spray for you and your family.
  • During your stay please use the cleaning materials provided which includes disposable cloths to wipe down any regularly used surfaces before you leave. Please bag up any used cloths and put them in the outside bin before leaving and leave the cleaning materials back in the cupboard under the sink
  • PLEASE use the dishwasher on the hottest cycle (not ECO mode), if one provided, throughout your stay. Please fill & SWITCH ON the dishwasher on your departure.
  • On your departure please strip the beds and put the linen and towels in the laundry bags provided. This gives our cleaners some extra protection and also allows them more time to clean and disinfect areas.
  • Before you leave please ensure the fridge/freezer is emptied
  • Please empty all internal bins into bin bags and put them in the outside bin.

Will there be a change in departure and arrival times?

Yes. Unfortunately, we feel this is unavoidable. Whilst we hope it doesn’t cause you too much inconvenience, we also hope that you understand that we take the safety of our guests and housekeeping team very seriously.

Therefore in order for guests to be sure cottages have been cleaned to a high standard our check in and check out times will be as follows:

Check in: At 4pm

Check out: At 10am

What if I need some help or we need a maintenance call during our stay?

We hope you get to enjoy your holiday with little need for a maintenance call.

Many of the answers to common questions are in the welcome brochures provided. Please consult the information booklet before asking for assistance.

If you still need someone to call at the property contact us on. 07968704452 and we will try to arrange for this to be done at a time when you are out of the property and protective clothing will be worn.

What should I do if I become poorly with Corona Virus symptoms prior to my arrival?

If you become poorly with corona virus symptoms prior to your arrival you should contact us immediately, please do not arrive travel to the property. If you provide a positive test we will re-arrange your stay with us.

What should I do if I become poorly with Corona Virus symptoms during my stay?

You must notify us immediately if you have corona virus symptoms during your stay.

You must also then vacate the property and make arrangements to travel home immediately. Isolating in our property is not something we can accommodate and we need to take the appropriate action to then clean and disinfect the property once you have departed. If you do not return home and remain in the property beyond your original return date we will have to charge you for the additional days you reside in the house. We will also charge you compensation for the guest who would have their stay interrupted due to your decision to remain in the property. In these circumstances our standard cancellation policy will apply.

Will I get a refund for my holiday going forward if I have to cancel due to Corona Virus?

Corona virus was very unexpected for everyone, businesses and individuals alike were not prepared for the impact this would have on lifestyle and businesses.

Back in March many guests found that they did not have holiday insurance cover and or that their insurance would not cover the cancellation of their holiday.

Likewise, many insurance companies, like ours would not cover loss of business either, which is why the government had to step in and assist many of them.

As a business we felt at the time, the right thing to do for our guests was to move bookings where possible or alternatively offer a full refund.

We are sure you will be aware that this had a great impact on our business but we wanted to do what was right for guests.

Our full standard cancellation policy will apply unless we are locked down once again and you are unable to travel or we have to close the property. Corona Virus is likely something we will all have to live with going forward and as a business it isn’t feasible or practical for us to continue to offer refunds in the same manner. If required we will be happy to re-arrange your stay with us.

We would also strongly advise all guests to take out their own holiday insurance.